We’re on a mission to create the first ethical social media agency. Transformation and growth are at the core of everything we do.

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Our goal is to help clients connect

with their target demographics through highly effective strategies that deliver lasting results. With the ever-evolving nature of social media, we’re dedicated to creating educational content for small business owners that empowers them to develop social media strategies and manage their accounts successfully.

Open communication

Clear goals and dreams are empowering! We support each business owner’s goals and dreams to experience the transformational impact of professional social media management. Internally, we empower our team to grow personally and professionally through goal-setting, personal accountability, and encouraging determination.

Cross-team collaboration

We don’t try to wear all of the hats at this agency. Excellence in social media requires dedication and focus on each aspect of the job. We’re a team of copywriters, strategists, creatives, designers and community managers that work collaboratively to achieve the results our clients envision.

Ethical environment

We’re on a mission to exemplify what an ethical social media agency is. One of the most common issues in our industry is burnout and poor mental health due to the demanding nature of the job. Our expectations are realistic, and we enforce boundaries around personal time so our entire team can enjoy a healthy work/life balance.


of managing social media and show how social media can drive results when used as a tool. We empower entrepreneurs and small businesses to learn and use social media tactics that work for their target audience. Growth and transformation are at the centre of everything we do. At Monarch, we never stop dreaming and achieving.