Monarch is a full-service social media agency that provides professional social media for businesses.

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Everything starts with strategy at Monarch Social Media. We do our homework to understand our clients’ ideal client types and target demographics and create a content, engagement, management, and optimization plan to support their social media goals.



We’re a lean and mean collaborative team. Each team member specializes in different social media management areas. We execute our clients’ strategies through content creation, optimization, community management, and engagement practices and posting.



Analytics and reporting is an essential part of successful social media management. We regularly review data and analytics to determine what’s working in our clients’ accounts and what’s not. We use this information to adjust the strategy as we go.

Here are some of the services we provide:

Before we can start managing social media for a client, a setup process needs to happen. During onboarding, we collect brand assets, key messaging, account info and a few other things to help us create a social media strategy specific to the business.

Everything at Monarch starts with strategy. As a part of our client onboarding process, we show our clients ahead of time what they will see on their social media feeds. Doing this allows us to adjust copy, visuals, and the social media plan based on client feedback, and to add or modify any essential mentions or additional focuses. We don’t miss much, but we enjoy actively collaborating with our clients to set and achieve goals. It takes approximately two weeks to complete the onboarding and initial strategy process.

Content creation and curation is the heavy lifting part of our job. We’re passionate about creating compelling content that attracts the attention of social media users that fit within our client’s target demographics. To curate our client’s content, we ask for access to assets like a photography bank. When we do not have the correct type of content, we’ll scour the internet to create a bank of alternative pictures and videos to use. We can also work with our clients’ team or connect with a photographer to create the assets required for longer term social media success.

One size doesn’t fit all platforms when posting on social media. Our content creators ensure all posts are sized and formatted correctly, with adjusted captioning specific to the platform. Hashtag strategy is another optimization we focus on, especially for Instagram.

Finding the best times to post on our client’s behalf is an intuitive art. Our managers monitor the communities our client’s target demographics are active in to determine the best time to post. Doing this ensures the content gets the most visibility and discovery possible.

We regularly collaborate with content creators and micro-influencers on our client’s behalf to build a bank of user-generated content. Because a business doesn’t pay for user-generated content, it results in authentic and honest recommendations from fellow social media users. Think of it as a way to boost word-of-mouth endorsements for your business.

We don’t manage for vanity metrics; we manage for results. We’re not the agency that will grow your community by 10,000 in a month because we know that quality far outweighs quantity. We engage with our client’s target demographics on each platform using organic engagement practices. By creating relationships with social media users through authentic engagements, we nurture followers into customers that are more likely to purchase your products or services and actively seek out your brand.

We don’t just set it and forget it. You need to have someone there to respond if you’re on social media. That’s the human element that resonates. Our community managers actively respond to the comments and direct messages within our client’s social media accounts. We use engagement practices to organically grow the awareness and engagement results for our client’s content and accounts.

While most of our work is organic, we supplement our strategies with social media ads. Each social media retainer has an ad spend of $250 built into the pricing. Depending on our client’s goals, we spend the ad budget on awareness, growth, traffic or lead generation ads. Additional ad budget and strategy can always be added onto our client’s monthly retainer as needed.

We read the data every day because it guides the type of content we post, the time we publish it, hashtags we use, and a few other important data points. We send a custom report to clients detailing awareness, growth, engagement, and conversion analytics each month with a video recording explaining what happened within their accounts.