The Power of Social Media

Social media can be incredibly powerful — with the right strategy. Steve Dinelli from Marketer Interview interviewed our founder, Holly Medwid, and delved into the Power of Social Media, exploring how and why Monarch Social Media was started, the tools we use, and the focus of successful social media management.

Master the Art of Social Media

Digital presence is a cornerstone for business success in our online-first, AI-driven, constantly-changing consumer culture. At Monarch, we are constantly helping businesses build strategies that infuse authenticity and relationship-building into their every day marketing and outreach practices. Of course, every business wants an increase in sales, but without the right tactics, social media won’t be the helper you need to improve your bottom line. Creating meaningful connections through valuable content will resonate with your audience much more quickly and successfully than any sales-y technique. Put your emphasis on building relationships and engaging communities, not just pushing products, and see how much more successful your social media conversion pipeline will become.

Posting Quality Builds Community

The mantra is quality over quantity. Focusing on attracting potential customers who actively engage and convert is a much more fruitful focus than amassing a large but disinterested following, which remains an ongoing and relatively harmful trend for brands. Where buying followers was once an easy way to get recognition for having an audience, today, the disparity between follower count and regular engagement is a telling stat.

Social media is essentially a trust-building tool for businesses. A well-managed presence educates potential clients and offers a platform for customer service, nurturing lasting relationships and encouraging referrals. A badly-managed account illustrates exactly how much you care about your client needs, and can actually prove to be detrimental to the brand. Which one would you rather be?

Generate Social Media Success

Authenticity, engagement, and a commitment to continuous learning stand as the pillars of social media success. Read the full interview on Marketer Interview to learn more about social media success, and what makes a successful social media manager, or book a one-on-one discovery call to learn more about what we do and how we can help your business grow online effectively.

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